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2015: Toxic Free Kids Act

2014: First non-profit in Oregon

To move our endowment funds into a 100% impact investment portfolio. Our portfolio divests from companies at odds with our mission and invests in corporations that excel in environmental and social responsibility.

2013: Protected fish by helping incentivize irrigators and water users to return water to streams and rivers during the hottest parts of the year when fish need it most

2013: Persuaded Oregon Board of Agriculture to improve the Agricultural Water Quality Program, making it more proactive and strategic, rather than complaint-based

2013: Pesticide Stewardship Partnerships

2012: Encourage joint West Coast clean energy economy action plan

Due to the advocacy of OEC and our counterparts across the west, the governors of Oregon, California, Washington and the premiere of British Columbia issued a joint West Coast clean energy economy action plan and commitment to price carbon and jointly tackle climate change.

2012: Secured a Green Chemistry Executive Order

This required Oregon to purchase less toxic products and eliminate toxic pollution. Secured similar policies in City of Portland, Multnomah County and regionally along the West Coast.

2011: Passed a Multnomah County ordinance that bans the use of the toxic chemical bisphenol A

Also known as BPA in baby bottles, sippy cups, sports water bottles and insulated water bottles.

2011: Helped pass “Cool Schools” legislation spurring energy efficiency improvements and healthier classrooms throughout the state

2011: Negotiated Closure of State’s Coal Plant