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SB 289: Addressing a safety disparity in the outdoors

OEC was excited to see that the Oregon Legislature passed, with broad support from both republicans and democrats, SB 289, the Safety in the Outdoors bill. This bill is an important step to make public spaces safer for everyone, and to ensure more equitable access to Oregon state parks and resources that are critical to health and well-being.

How OEC Uses Our Equity Lens to Inform Our Work

Oregon Environmental Council started our intentional diversity, equity, and inclusion work in 2012. We started this journey by listening and acknowledging that the environmental movement has caused harm and not been as inclusive as it needs to be. In saying this, we want to acknowledge the diverse voices in the movement and not erase their accomplishments. There have always been incredible BIPOC leaders doing environmental and environmental justice work, and we are grateful for and indebted to their accomplishments. Part of our collective work is to change the narrative by not just focusing on white leaders, whether current or historic.  In order to ...

Oregon’s Clean Fuels program gets a major boost in 2020

Oregon’s Clean Fuels program will be extended and be strengthened, which will make it one of the country’s shining examples of successful climate policy.

What’s the latest? A cap-and-invest update

Oregon’s 2020 Legislative Session has passed the halfway mark, and a lot has happened on climate legislation. Senate Bill 1530, a cap-and-invest bill, is the year’s main focus.

Oregon’s Clean Fuels Successes Keep Rolling

The program takes a holistic, or a “well-to-wheels,” look at how much climate pollution transportation fuels emit.

Climate Disruption

Like many of you, I am still reeling from the end of the 2019 legislative session when eleven senators walked out (for a second time) on the democratic process. We were hours away from passing the Clean Energy Jobs bill—a remarkable piece of legislation that would: put a declining cap on major sources of climate pollution start charging for the true cost of climate pollution, and invest critical resources into projects that create good-paying jobs and help communities—including rural areas--throughout Oregon get access to cleaner energy, become more efficient, clean up transportation, and become more resilient to climate impacts. The ...

A chance to speak up about federal roll backs

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has planned a public forum for residents to comment on the Trump Administration's proposals to rollback clean car standards and the Clean Power Plan. Coal and cars have been the top two sources of emmissions in the United States. The Obama Administration adopted proposals to cut emissions from these two sectors. The Trump Administration is now rolling them back. Periods for public comment are about to expire, and DEQ will forward messages to the federal agencies before deadlines. Oregon Environmental Council strongly opposes these reversals, and asks that you do too. Clean Car Standards are incred...

Oregon’s Clean Fuels Standard: 1st Year Successes!

One year in, the Clean Fuels Standard is working. In its first three quarters, clean fuels has displaced more than 589,000 tons of climate pollution -- that’s 30% more...

Climate Stability and Justice Needed for Oregon: A review of HB 3470 and looking forward

During the 2015 legislative session, Oregon Environmental Council was proud to join with environmental, health, communities of color and business partners concerned about climate pollution to help advance the Climate Stability and Justice Act (HB 3470). The Act would enforce Oregon's existing limits on climate pollution with a firm timeline for putting a comprehensive action plan in place to guarantee Oregon achieves its climate goals. This creates certainty for both businesses and the environment. Everyone knows what targets we’re aiming for and has a voice in developing the action plan. The proposed Climate Stability & Justice Act is very ...