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A Supercharged EV Road Trip

Ava During Covid, when schools shut down, my teenage daughter’s life was suddenly all online. So it didn’t surprise me when she started telling me about a new group of friends she met on an online forum dedicated to One Direction, an English-Irish pop boy band. Aware of the dangers of the internet, I was more than a little wary. I asked her a million questions and was pleasantly surprised to find that she was just chatting daily with a group of fourteen to sixteen-year-old girls infatuated with One Direction.  Over the next year, these six girls met religiously on Zoom, and became best friends. They lived scattered across the country and ...

In Solidarity

We cannot move toward a healthy and safe environment without first ensuring that our country is healthy and safe for all people. #StopAsianHate

Statement on Protecting Oregon’s Democratic Process

OEC's Executive Director calls for accountability and ensured safety to protect the rights of Oregonians as the 2021 Oregon Legislative Session begins