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Press Release: Clean Fuels Program Drives On

The bill to lift the sunset on the Clean Fuels Program, SB 324, was approved by the Oregon Senate today by a vote of 17-13. The program is key for Oregon to meet its climate goals and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation fuels by 10% over ten years.

One Victory for Clean Fuels and Working for Many More!

the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources held a public hearing on SB324, which if passed, will reauthorize the Clean Fuels Program and cut carbon pollution across our state. OEC was there, along with proponents from the business community, health sector, consumer and environmental groups. Together, we filled the room to give testimony in support of this important program. “I don’t ever remember this many people showing up to a hearing,” noted Senator Chuck Thomsen (R-Hood River), as we sat patiently to express their views. The energy in the room was palatable. While we remained respectfully quiet during proceedings, the ...

Climate Change is Real – So Is the Movement for Progress

NASA just released a report confirming 2014 as the hottest year on Earth since 1880. The US Senate (with a Republican majority nonetheless) agreed that climate change is real, “not a hoax.” Mainstream media regularly reports on the subject. “Climate change” is no longer considered an environmentalist’s phrase – it’s part of our everyday lexicon. Locally, we see and feel its effects. Mt. Hood’s snowpack is at an all-time low – in fact, 20 sites around western Oregon have reported record low snowpack for the end of January. Less snow means less snowmelt runoff for our rivers and streams, a drier Oregon summer, and a longer wildfire ...