Attend a transportation forum in your neck of the woods!

Governor Brown’s Transportation Vision Panel is hosting a series of eleven regional forums across the state. We encourage our members to attend and speak up for eco-friendly, people-focused transportation.

January 4: The Dalles
January 7: Keizer
January 13: Eugene
January 14: Redmond
January 25: John Day
January 28: Albany
February 12: Klamath Falls
March 8: White City
March 10: Tillamook
March 11: Coquille
March 14: Portland

We all know how important transportation is. It provides us with access to goods, services, recreation, jobs, and other people. It touches each one of us every day. But past decisions have led to a transportation system that is too polluting, too costly, and too unsafe. Consider the environmental impacts alone: motor vehicles pump out nearly 40% of Oregon’s greenhouse gases and more than half of Oregon’s air pollution; runoff from parking lots and roads pollutes our waters; and Oregon’s open spaces and farmland are threatened by the sprawl that’s associated with poorly planned transportation infrastructure. Bigger vehicles, wider highways, and more driving simply aren’t sustainable.

We need to secure a sustainable transportation future. Here’s OEC’s vision for a transportation system that fits the 21st century:

  • The health of Oregonians and the ecosystem upon which we depend is protected. Transportation no longer threatens the climate, pollutes our air and water, or negatively impacts water hydrology.
  • Oregonians have a choice of affordable ways to get around, allowing us to get where we need to go – our job, the grocery store, our place of worship – not only alone in our car, but also by foot, bicycle, transit, rail, rideshare and other means.
  • Oregon’s cities have a compact urban form and grow smart, reducing the need to travel far to daily destinations.
  • Personal travel and freight movement are optimized for maximum efficiency – whether by land, water or air – and utilize clean, highly fuel-efficient vehicles and low-carbon fuels.
  • Transportation supports vibrant communities and a growing local economy rather than contributing to neighborhood blight and noise pollution.
  • The transportation needs of everyone are met – not only those with physical and financial resources – but also the needs of our youth, our elderly, our disabled, and our community-of-color and low-income populations.
  • Our transportation funding system reflects the costs and benefits of using Oregon’s transportation system.

We hope you’ll join us in advocating for this future. For more information about the forums and the Governor’s Transportation Vision Panel, click here.

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