Alison Hopcroft

Alison Hopcroft channels a contagious enthusiasm for the environment. She loves the varied landscape of Oregon- from the rocky coastline to massive sand dunes, expansive forests, to volcanoes, and high desert. 

Alison was one of the first young professionals to serve on Oregon Environmental Council’s Emerging Leaders Board when it was established in 2012. A separate entity from the Board of Directors, the Emerging Leaders Board brings young and diverse voices to the table at Oregon Environmental Council. Alison sees unique value in the Emerging Leaders Board—a space where early career members can enhance and elevate Oregon Environmental Council’s work while building their professional skills and network.

Alison says that the Emerging Leaders Board brought more diversity to Oregon Environmental Council in terms of race, sexuality, and industry sectors represented. Since working with the Emerging Leaders Board, she also approaches her work with a more equitable and inclusive lens. For instance, she helped bring community health tools to under-served areas of metropolitan Portland with the Blue Zones Project.

Alison remains actively engaged with Oregon Environmetal Council and Emerging Leaders Board alumni because she admires the organization’s spirit to accomplish real change. She sees both her volunteer and financial investments in Oregon Environmental Council as a valuable way to magnify her positive influence in the world.

“I realize that I can spend my entire life doing important work that gives back to the community that makes an impact in the world…. but I’ll never be able to personally make a difference with all of the issues that I care about.”

Alison is excited to see the legacy of the Emerging Leaders Board evolve and take shape over time, as Oregon Environmental Council continues to tackle the issues of sustainability and conservation that matter to all Oregonians.

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