Adopt your neighborhood

Think global, act local: it’s more than a bumper sticker. Some attribute the concept to an urban planner at the turn of the 20th century. The concept is this: When you act on your values close to home, it has ripple effects far beyond your street corner. Consider these three examples:

Local effect: Prevent puddles that make it harder for your neighbors to bike and walk.
Downstream: Cleaner water shows your love for Oregon’s waterways.
Local effect: Litter clean-up improves public health and quality of life.
Downstream: You can keep plastic out of the “trash vortex” in the ocean, most of which starts on land.
Find adopt-a-street programs through your Redmond, Washington County, Salem, Portland or other local government.
Local effect: Every neighborhood tree offers dozens of benefits, from clean cool air to calmer traffic.
Downstream: Every tree also plays a role in keeping water clean and the climate stable.
In times of great need, it may seem that street and tree stewardship is too small a thing for the world. But actions become habits, habits become values and values become destiny. So when you make a habit of protecting your neighborhood environment, you are creating a legacy of a healthier environment and protecting the Oregon you love.
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1 Reply to "Adopt your neighborhood"

  • Aleina Langford
    December 12, 2016 (4:59 pm)

    I went to adopt a storm drain and it is only showing for Minnesota. I live in Vancouver and work in Portland. Is this available here?