3 Hacks for Getting Better Gas Mileage

With today’s prices at the pump, it pays to get the most out of your tank, while saving precious natural resources.

Keep track of your gas mileage

To calculate your gas mileage:

Record the gallons you put into your car.  This is the TOTAL GAS you will use to calculate.

Notice the reading on your gas gauge.  Try to start at a fixed position, i.e. 1/4 tank, the orange before E, etc.  Write down the initial mileage from your odometer.

When you reach the same point on your gas gauge again, record the final mileage from your odometer.

Subtract initial mileage on your odometer from final mileage to get your TOTAL MILEAGE.


A drop in your car’s fuel economy can be a sign of engine trouble. If you keep track of your gas mileage, you’ll know when something is wrong and can have it fixed.

You can also keep track of the conditions that get the best gas mileage, and those that lower your car’s efficiency.

1. Go with the flow

Jack-rabbit starts and abrupt stops increase both fuel use and emissions. Try to manage your lane changes so that you avoid slowing down and speeding up. Anticipate traffic stops. Use cruise control when you can.

2. Follow the speed limit

Challenge: compare two legs of a trip using the gas mileage calculations from above averaging 75 and then 65 mph.

Hint: Driving 65 mph instead of 75 mph should increase your fuel economy by about 10%.

3. Avoid rush hour

Stop-and-go driving burns more gasoline.  A great reason to use public transportation or alternative means for getting to and from work!

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