2015 Legislative Agenda

Our job protecting Oregon is never done, and we have important work to do in the coming year to keep our legacy growing. Here’s what we seek to accomplish during the 2015 Oregon legislative session.

Clean Fuels Work (SB 324)

OEC is pleased to say that as of mid-March, we’ve achieved one of our major goals, lifting the sunset on Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program, a program that is essential to growing our clean energy economy while giving consumers more and cheaper fuel choices that are better for our air and climate.

Toxic Free Kids (SB 478)

Chronic disease is on the rise. In order to protect the most vulnerable among us—infants and children—our health officials need to know where and how kids are exposed to carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and other harmful chemicals. The Toxic Free Kids Act is an important first step to provide information to the public and phase out the use of these chemicals. Thank you for helping us pass this important bill!

Climate Stability and Justice Act (HB 3470)

The Climate Stability and Justice Act (HB 3470) enforces Oregon’s climate goals, adopted in 2007 by the Legislature, with a firm timeline for putting an action plan in place to guarantee that Oregon achieves those goals. The law ensures progress is measured and reported every five years and that further reductions are taken if benchmarks aren’t met. The act takes into consideration the disproportionate burden of climate pollution on at-risk populations, and creates a framework to support all cost-effective ways to reduce pollution. HB 3470 has the potential to generate carbon revenue that can be reinvested into creating good-paying, clean economy jobs.

Sustainable Transportation (HB 2718)

In too many Oregon communities, people must own a car get to work, school and essential services. For our health, environment and economy, we need to fund safe, clean and affordable “active transportation” options. Investing in transit, sidewalks, bike facilities and passenger rail will pay off in reduced pollution and improved quality of life. Elderly Oregonians and young Oregonians are especially in need of better public transportation. This session, OEC is supporting significant funding for senior & disabled transit and a new Youth Transit Initiative (HB 2718).

Safe Drinking Water (HB 3076)

Many Oregonians are drinking unsafe water from their wells without knowing it. Arsenic, bacteria, nitrates and pesticides are common. Drinking well water with high levels of nitrates can cause serious health problems. We will advocate for increased funding, education and testing of drinking water.

Fertilizer Savings (HB 2718)

Despite farmers being cost-conscious, on average over 50% of fertilizer applied to major U.S. crops washes out as runoff or leaches into our waterways, resulting in wasted money and polluted water. Oregon should invest in research, recommendations and education to increase the adoption of farming practices that build soil health and reduce runoff while maintaining farm profitability.

Clean Air (HB 3310, SB 823, SB 824)

Oregon is 6th in the nation for highest health risk from diesel pollution. Chronic exposure to diesel fumes is associated with an increased risk of heart attacks, asthma, cancer, decreased cognitive functioning, and premature mortality. OEC supports incentives, regulations, and contracting preferences to clean up Oregon’s dirty air.

Stronger together

Besides forwarding proactive legislation and ensuring our state’s natural resource agencies have the funding they need to safeguard Oregon’s environment, OEC is tracking more than 200 bills this session. Some of these bills would undermine environmental protections, so we’re ready to play defense. Others are good ideas being championed by legislators and organizations that care about public health, social equity, and environmental protections. By voicing our support and assisting our friends when we’re able, OEC can augment the broad movement for a healthy, equitable and sustainable Oregon.

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2015 Kevin Rose Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award

There are exit signs everywhere. Apathy is contagious. But thankfully, individual passion trumps apathy, again and again, and the world is left a better place because of it. Here at Oregon Environmental Council, we are privileged to have passionate, driven volunteers step forward to help protect Oregon’s clean air, clean water and healthy communities, and we want to recognize them for their significant contributions. This year we are thrilled to offer the Kevin Rose Memorial
December 14, 2015, 11:38 pm


2015 Legislative Roundup: and now for some good news

July marked the end of the 2015 legislative session. For OEC, this was a year of long-awaited progress. The Oregon Legislature passed landmark legislation that will reduce pollution in the air we breathe and the toys we give our children. This legislation is the result of years of advocacy, session after session, and speaks to Oregon Environmental Council’s founding purpose. Back in 1968, a group of ordinary citizens came together to form a collaborative voice in the state’s capitol. T
July 21, 2015, 10:05 pm


2015 health + environment policy

In the hundreds-deep piles of bills on the desks of legislators this year, a few dozen proposals are right at the sweet spot where human and environmental health meet. Here are a few that we’re tracking: OEC PRIORITIES: Clean Fuels for Oregon (SB 324): Hooray! Oregon passed SB 324, removing the 2015 sunset on the state’s Clean Fuels Program. Now, Oregon can move ahead with requirements that will reduce the carbon content of fuel. The primary goal is to reduce
April 1, 2015, 2:36 pm


Stronger Together: The 2015 carbon-busting agenda

To get a handle on climate disruption, we need everyone’s participation and we need to tackle carbon pollution from every source. OEC is promoting and supporting state policies that: Make our homes and other buildings more efficient Make our cars and trucks more efficient Transition Oregon away from dirty energy, like coal and oil, toward clean, renewable energy sources Provide people with more transportation options Hold big p
March 17, 2015, 10:34 pm


text reads "2024 legislative debrief -- featured guest: Senator Sollman" thumbnail image is of thomas baker and senator sollman

2024 Legislative Debrief Video

On May 6, we hosted our 2024 Virtual Legislative Debrief. The conversation featured Oregon Senator Janeen Sollmon. With her insights, we covered a wide range of topics — from last session’s environmental victo
May 16, 2024, 10:48 am


oregon capitol in salem on a spring day with the sun out surrounded by cherry blossom trees

2024 Legislative Wrap-Up: 5 Key Environmental Wins

The doors are now closed on this year’s “short,” 35-day legislative session in Oregon. Traditionally, the short session is used to re-balance the budget, tweak existing statutes and wrap-up unfinished business from the long session. However, in recent years the legislature has shifted to taking up one or two major issues, as well. This presents a huge opportunity for advocacy groups like OEC where there are no off years for climate and environmental justi
March 18, 2024, 12:03 pm


2024 Legislative Session

OEC’s legislative advocacy in the 2024 short session will take key bills over the finish line, secure essential funding for environmental programs, and deliver on our promise to stay vigilant for the health of Oregon’s environment and communities. Our advocacy helps ensure healthy air, thriving communities, clean and plentiful water, and climate resiliency. Our policies harness innovation and create new
January 28, 2024, 10:15 pm


Two Bills Aimed at Reducing Plastic Pollution Clear Final Legislative Hurdle, Head to Governor’s Desk

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, April 26, 2023 SALEM, Ore.– The Oregon state House passed two bills with bipartisan support on Tuesday to address the growing environmental and public health impacts of single-use plastics. Both bills now head to Gov. Tina Kotek’s desk for her signature.
April 26, 2023, 6:22 pm



Now Hiring – Legislative Director

Archived Listing – This position has been filled. Title: Legislative Director Status: Regular FLSA Classification: Exempt Hours: 1.0 full-time
January 15, 2023, 3:30 pm


2022 Legislative Session Banner

2022 Oregon legislative victories!

With a flurry of action in just five short weeks, the 2022 Legislative Session concluded on March 4th. This year’s session started with extreme uncertainty as a result of major changes in leadership and a new COVID variant. It also began with good news: an unexpectedly large state budget surplus. In the end, Oregon Environmental Council is thrilled that most of our major priorities made it across the finish l
March 9, 2022, 9:51 pm


4 Replies to "2015 Legislative Agenda"

    January 21, 2015 (1:10 am)


    • admin
      February 3, 2015 (10:26 pm)

      Hi John,

      Perhaps this guide from DEQ can help: http://www.deq.state.or.us/aq/cleanFuel/qa.htm#1

      Their answer is “For the Clean Fuels Program, the term “clean” means that a fuel has a lower carbon intensity (i.e. emits less carbon pollution) than conventional gasoline or diesel throughout its lifecycle. Lifecycle emissions, sometimes called “well-to-wheels,” refer to how much total pollution is generated in the production, transport, storage and use of a fuel in a vehicle. This includes the pollution created from the extraction of crude oil or from growing and harvesting crops for biofuels. Examples of clean fuels include most types of ethanol, biodiesel, natural gas, biogas, hydrogen, electricity and propane.”

  • Jere M Grimm
    March 8, 2015 (9:42 pm)

    I want to propose that OEC turn its attention with urgency to passage of the carbon tax shift bill SB 2082 modeled after the BC model which in 6 years of being in force has proved very successful at reducing emissions and actually supporting a growing clean energy economy. It taxes what we don’t want (carbon & resulting problems) and untaxing what we do want…..business & personal income and gives the flexibility of allowing low income tax credits for those who would feel it the most- unlike a cap & trade model..
    Naomi Klein’s essays from her book “This Changes Everything”in the Guardian currently running focuses the reader’s attention with an intensity on what she calls “the civilizational wake-up call” that demands we act ; and act now.
    We have already invested in a study of this tax shift with public dollars : it would provide a restructuring in a foundational way to begin the urgent job of moving forward toward a sustainable future.

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