1971: Bike Bill

Bike Bill

#DYK #Oregon was the first state to set aside funds for bike lanes? It happened in 1971, when Oregon Environmental Council and others helped pass the Bike Bill. This bill requires that at least 1% of state highway funds are used to provide and enhance public walkways and bike paths. #TBT Where’s your favorite bike route in Oregon? Tell us by commenting below! — Every Tuesday and Thursday leading up to our 50th Anniversary Celebration in October, we will be sharing some of our greatest accomplishments to date, all of which were achieved by a group of ordinary #Oregonians working together over the last half-century. They championed landmark legislative policies that have transformed the health of our communities and helped spark a ripple of change across the nation. Join us as we celebrate 50 years of #LovingOregon, visit our profile for more info!

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1971: OEC is sole environmental group advocating bill

to establish a role for the state in energy facility siting. The creation of the Nuclear and Thermal Energy Council puts the state in the driver’s seat with regard to nuclear facility siting.
July 18, 1971, 6:37 pm


1971: Bottle Bill

January 1, 1971, 12:23 am


1967: Beach Bill

January 1, 1967, 12:25 am


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