Emerging Leaders Board

Serving as an advisory board, these entrepreneurs, strategists, community leaders and visionaries under the age of 35 have agreed to share their extraordinary skills to support the mission of Oregon Environmental Council.

Alexis Gabriel
Alexis Gabriel

Alexis Gabriel is a communications and community engagement coordinator for the City of Portland’s Sunday Parkways program. Alexis grew up mostly in California, but has also lived in each of the four quadrants of the US as well as abroad. She received her B.A in Communications from Xavier University of Louisiana, and later went on to earn her MBA in marketing and a MAIEP in sustainable development at Middlebury Institute of International Studies. She has a passion for 2P’s and an E – meaning whether through her work or her volunteer projects, she looks for opportunities to help move forward positive initiatives that bolster people, planet, and equity. When not working, she can be found jamming to an array of music (lots of K-pop), riding a bike, or going somewhere new in Portland.

Alexis is vice chair of OEC’s Emerging Leaders Board.

Amira Streeter


Amira Streeter is an associate consultant and regulatory specialist for Natural Resource Group, a national premier energy consulting firm that provides environmental planning, permitting and regulatory compliance services on energy projects throughout North America. Amira considers Maryland to be her home, but she has grown up in many countries around the world. She received her Bachelor’s from Skidmore College in New York and studied environmental science, dance, and art. Amira moved to Oregon to attend Lewis & Clark Law School for their nationally recognized environmental law program. After achieving a JD and Certificate in Environmental & Natural Resources Law, Amira has worked on environmental policy projects for non-profits and the Oregon House of Representatives. When she’s not in the office, Amira enjoys watching movies, crafting, and playing with her dog.

Corinne Handelman 

Corinne Handelman

Corinne grew up near the redwoods and oak woodlands of Northern California and quickly became a lover of the great outdoors. With a passion for communicating environmental science to public audiences, she completed a Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Management at Portland State University. She now works as the Portland-based Outreach Coordinator for the Oregon Natural Desert Association, where she cultivates support for conservation of Oregon’s high desert. On most weekends you can find Corinne camping in Oregon’s wilderness areas, working in her garden, or kayaking local wild and scenic rivers.

Corinne is co-chair of OEC’s Emerging Leaders Board.

David Muller

David Muller

David Muller, the Green Sports Alliance’s Membership Director, is the primary point of contact for the GSA’s diverse network of members. Acting as an advisor, researcher, connector, promoter, and much more, David supports the implementation and advancement of greening initiatives within major professional and collegiate sports teams, venues, leagues, and events. David is primarily responsible for new member outreach as well—since taking charge of the membership program in October 2011, David has overseen the growth of the Green Sports Alliance from 25 members to nearly 400 today, with a 98% renewal rate. David also directs the GSA’s monthly webinar program, leads or supports various partnerships, and plays an integral role in developing GSA communications, programming and sponsorships for the annual Green Sports Alliance Summit, along with regional workshops. David received his BA in Religious Studies from Lewis & Clark College, and his MBA in Sustainable Business from Pinchot University. He also attained certification as a LEED Green Associate from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Fletcher Beaudoin

Fletcher is the Assistant Director at Portland State University’s (PSU) Institute for Sustainable Solutions, supporting curriculum development, student leadership and research that contribute to a just, prosperous and vibrant future for our region and the world. He is a native Oregonian from a small town in Southern Oregon, and spent much of his free time in the backwoods of Northern California and Southern Oregon. When he’s not working on advancing PSU’s sustainability programs, you can probably find him, playing soccer, cheering on the Timbers, brewing beer or on a hike in the Gorge. He received his BA in English and Spanish from the University of Oregon and later completed his Masters in Public Administration from Columbia University—with a focus on environmental science and policy and energy policy.

Irie Searcy

Irie works as an energy advisor with the Clean Energy Works Oregon team, a local non-profit, whose focus is to reduce the residential carbon footprint and increase home comfort while sustaining living wage jobs for contractors and their staff across the state.  As a Portland native, she has a passion for maintaining Oregon’s natural landscape for future generations. Her commitment lies in educating her local community on the positive impact of home performance and the effects of improving occupant behavior patterns. She graduated from the University of Oregon with a BA in architecture with a focus in sustainable design.

Jamaal Green

Jamaal is a PhD student at Portland State University in the Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning and a member of Portland State’s IGERT graduate traineeship program studying the role of ecosystem services in urbanizing regions. His research explores the intersections of sustainability, economic development, and land-use planning with a focus on identifying and attempting to address the conflicts that arise among these three areas. Before arriving in Portland, Jamaal worked for the DC Project, a residential weatherization non-profit, as a policy analyst. His work for the DC Project continues to shape his research interests and goals to fulfill the often forgotten “third-leg” of sustainability—social equity.

JJ Green

Janna (JJ) Green is native Oregonian and a licensed Realtor in Portland with a passion for sustainable design. She was born and raised on the Oregon coast before earning her two degrees in Architecture and Environmental Studies at University of Oregon’s Clark Honors College. She has over a decade of real estate, remodeling, construction and environmental design experience. JJ spent over 5 years working with non-profit energy efficiency consultancies helping homeowners retrofit their homes to modern (or better) energy and safety standards. This passion for creating sustainable, healthy homes with light footprints is deepened by her travels: whether biking across Montana studying energy and climate change, studying landscape design and planning in Japan, or kayaking through Mexico’s Sea of Cortez exploring concepts in ecology and passive architecture.

Jay Kosa


Jay Kosa has a passion for telling stories that engage, incite and inspire. He grew up in rural Pennsylvania where he experienced the joys of the outdoors and witnessed the ills of sprawl and pollution. Jay serves as Communications Manager for Columbia Land Trust, where he helps conserve and care for the places we love in the Pacific Northwest. Prior to working with the Land Trust, Jay provided communications services for a Portland-based green building non-profit and an environmental solutions consulting firm. He graduated from Bucknell University with a degree in English Literature. Outside the office, Jay enjoys running, hiking, fishing and plunging into the wild, frigid waters of the Pacific Northwest.

Kellen Klein 


Kellen Klein is a Manager of Stakeholder Engagement at Future 500, an international non-profit that builds bridges between parties at odds – corporations and activists, the political left and right, and others – to advance systemic solutions to urgent sustainability challenges. A Pacific Northwest native, Kellen‘s professional background spans the sustainability spectrum, with experience advancing environmental initiatives for major organizations like Kaiser Permanente and Conservation International. He holds a Master’s degree from the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at the University of California-Santa Barbara, and a BA in Human Biology from Stanford University. Throughout his career, Kellen has found the greatest reward inspiring sustainable solutions from unlikely origins. In his free time you can find him scarfing Portland donuts and craft beer, honing his DIY skills, and exploring the Columbia River Gorge.
Lindsey Maser


Lindsey Maser is a business adviser with the City of Portland’s Sustainability at Work program, where she helps Portland organizations green their workplaces. She provides guidance and resources around workplace recycling, composting, waste reduction, water and energy efficiency, and sustainable transportation. By applying behavior change theory and best practices to encourage specific actions and shift social norms, Lindsey helps answer the question: “How can I get my co-workers to care about sustainability?” As a certified Master Recycler, Lindsey has also volunteered throughout Portland educating on the whys and hows of recycling, composting, and creative re-use.

Born and raised in a small town in Oregon, Lindsey is a proud Oregonian, Portlander (since 2003), and Reed College graduate. Her weekends are often spent working in her backyard, trying to coax fruits and vegetables to grow, and adding more native plants to up her Backyard Habitat certification game.

Nathan Howard


Prior to running Ted Wheeler’s campaign for Mayor of Portland, Nathan Howard hopped in the driver’s seat at the youth empowerment organization The Bus Project as the Interim Executive Director. Prior to that he served as the Oregon Senate Finance Director during the 2014 election cycle and before that as the Chief of Staff to Senator Mark Hass with a focus on education, environmental, and finance & revenue public policy. Nathan also moonlights as a cannabis farmer as the Co-founder and CEO of East Fork Medicinal Farms.

He is a native Oregonian, born and raised in Portland just off 82nd Ave., and attended the University of Oregon where he received his BA in City Planning, Public Policy and Management. Nathan sees Oregon at the forefront of a worldwide movement to close waste loops and move towards sustained prosperity, “Over the past 40 years or so, Oregon has made enormous strides in moving away from the take-make-waste model that has dominated much of the industrialized world relatively recently—the last couple hundred years—and back towards a sustainable way of life. And the rest of the country has followed suite because, as it turns out, these changes also increase quality of life. We’re still leading the nation today.” When he isn’t working on advancing Oregon’s education and environmental policies, Nathan enjoys working on bicycles, playing Settlers of Catan, and hiking around the Northwest.

Rithy Khut


Rithy Khut is a land use planner for Multnomah County working to protect farm and forest lands for future generations. He is currently working with community members to create a vision for the county’s rural areas as Multnomah County updates its Comprehensive Plan. Born and raised in Portland, he recently moved back after 11.5 years in Eugene. As a “Double Duck”, he received a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and a master’s degree in community and regional planning from the University of Oregon. Knowing that the big issues of the world aren’t going to be changed overnight, he has a passion for iterative change and conversations that allow for learning and finding common ground. When he isn’t working, you can find him riding his bike, “Anderson”, rock climbing, playing ultimate frisbee, or watching the Timbers or Liverpool FC!

Rob Nathan 

Rob is the Director of Outreach and Technology at NW Earth Institute (NWEI), where he fosters leadership among individuals and organizations across North America to implement NWEI discussion courses and the annual EcoChallenge. His work has a strong focus on the use of digital technologies that advance the organization’s mission. Rob has worked in sustainability education for ten years and has a deep passion for progressive pedagogies that promote leadership and equity. Prior to joining NWEI, Rob managed waste minimization projects across the Portland metro region with Community Environmental Services. Rob holds a master’s degree in Sustainability Education from Portland State University and an undergraduate degree from Prescott College.

Robin Engle

Robin Engle is an activist and development professional with a passion for building nonprofit organizations and progressive movements. She grew up on the shores of the Puget Sound and was inspired to be active politically at an early age by her grandmother Helen Engle, an first-wave environmental leader, general muckraker, and excellent cookie-baker. Robin is the Development Director for Oregon League of Conservation Voters, where she works to protect Oregon’s environment by electing pro-environment candidates, passing good environmental policy, and bringing the environmental community together around a shared set of goals. Prior to her work at OLCV, Robin was the Development Director for Columbia Riverkeeper, ran field and fundraising offices for political campaigns, and worked as Development Associate at Environment Oregon. She graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Political Science, and serves as board Secretary for Earthshare Oregon, Oregon’s environmental workplace giving organization.

Stefanie Henning


Known for being the ultimate coordinator and facilitator, Stefanie joined the Emerging Leaders Board to spread the word about the science behind the fun events in the city she now calls home. Originally from Iowa, Stefanie completed her undergraduate degree in marketing from Iowa State University and then migrated to Portland for an environmental science degree from Oregon State University. In her professional life, Stefanie is the Director of Marketing at Paragon BioTeck, Inc., an eye care pharmaceutical and medical device company that views giving back to the community as important as the health of the patients’ their products reach. Find her around town listening to local music, volunteering at OMSI, and at the best hidden food gems in Portland. Follow Stefanie @st_bae.

Stefanie is co-chair of OEC’s Emerging Leaders Board.